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Design & Planting

The old adage of “one year’s seeding means seven year’s weeding” is not far from the truth. Many seeds lie dormant in the soil for several years. Some, such as poppies, remain viable for decades and will germinate when moved to the top inch or so of soil. A weed is technically just a plant in the wrong place. It could be an unwanted seedling from another plant, or something more pernicious and invasive that you really want to eradicate. However, while you’ll never be able to completely stop weeds from popping up, there are ways to ensure they have less places to grow.

Leaf Removal

Unfortunately, those pretty leaves don’t tend to look nearly as majestic when they start to fall and clutter up your lawn. To make matters worse, clearing your lawn can be more difficult and time-consuming than you’d think. If you’d rather sit back and enjoy the Autumn season without having to worry about leaf removal, turn to our team for help. Our leaf removal services are designed to quickly and efficiently rid your residential or commercial property of unwanted leaves. Our landscaping team has the tools and equipment to remove fallen leaves so that you don’t have to spend hours raking or struggling with your unwieldy leaf blower.

Irrigation & Drainage

Garden and lawn maintenance can be time-consuming and a long road to to come back from if your plants die off. We’re here to help you avoid that unfortunate situation, and a home garden irrigation system is a great way to do this. A steady and planned amount of water means that there are no long periods without a drink, and no over-saturating when you do have time to water your lawn or garden. Trust us; your garden will thank you for the sense of routine an irrigation system can provide!

Tree Removal

Commercial Tree Services offers the safest and simplest tree removals in Los Angeles and surrounds. As one of the area’s largest tree removal companies our comprehensive range equipment ensures we can remove any tree. Our professional service begins with a written quotation and finishes with your site left in excellent condition. Commercial Tree Services can safely, efficiently and professionally remove any tree on your property, no matter the size, location or state of the tree.
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